December 7, 2020 - Level 2

Join us for a hands-on chocolate course with Master Chocolat

About this experience

Have you participated in our Signature Chocolate-Making Course with Bernard Callebaut, and want to learn MORE?!

Many people have asked - now offering our Advanced Level Two Course!

Bernard goes over a lot of information in the classes, so feel free to bring a notebook!

We truly believe in the idea that one should never stop learning at Master Chocolat and the importance of curiosity.
You can never know absolutely everything when it comes to the complexity of chocolate, but it's incredibly invaluable to learn directly guided by a renowned Master in his craft!

Master Chocolat Course with Bernard Callebaut – Level 2

• Learn how to decorate with chocolate
• Techniques to decorate the inside of a mould (before moulding a shell)
• Making and working with a handmade Ganache
- Piping
- Cutting
- Rolling
- Dipping

• Focus on Chocolate Coating
• Chocolate Dipping and Setting
• Tips on creating a stunning final product

• Finish with demolding your creations and going home with everything you make!

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