Try our newest creation! The Dubai Pistachio Knafeh Chocolate Bar...

Dive into the exquisite fusion of flavors with our limited-edition Dubai Bar - Pistachio and Knafeh. This viral sensation combines velvety chocolate with crunchy pistachios and the delicate sweetness of Knafeh, bringing the essence of Dubai to every bite. Don't miss out on this luxurious indulgence! Limited quantities available! 

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An Award Winning Chocolatier...

About Bernard Callebaut:

Combining exquisite flavours and a unique style built over a
lifetime of experience, Master Chocolat offers the unmatched quality and
craftsmanship of a true master chocolatier. 

Over 41 years, the tireless passion and pioneering spirit of Bernard
Callebaut grew his one-man chocolate-making operation in Calgary to a brand
recognized the world over. Today, the man behind that success pours his passion, spirit and mastery into Master Chocolat with every new creation.


The man behind Master Chocolat does more than create the
fine quality treats for chocolate lovers. Bernard pours his passion and
tireless effort into creating unique chocolate experiences as Calgary’s very
own father of chocolate. Buy boxed gift chocolate boxes, treats, bars online
for birthday parties, holidays, corporate giveaways, and Christmas from one of the best chocolate manufacturers in Alberta!