Chocolate Courses

       Discover the Art of Chocolate with Master Chocolatier, Bernard Callebaut! 

                  Embark on a captivating three-hour chocolate making experience and delve into the world of Tempering, taught by Bernard Callebaut himself. 

                  This immersive 3-hour course offers a deep dive into the rich history of chocolate, distinguishing between chocolate "candy" ingredients and chocolate bars, to understand cocoa contents influence on flavour, and unraveling it’s vital role in crafting distinct flavour profiles.

                  At the heart of the experience lies the crucial technique of tempering - essential for any chocolatier. 

                  Discover the science behind tempering and grasp why achieving stable crystals in chocolate is paramount. Master the art of tempering your own bowl of chocolate to ensure your final product boasts luxurious smoothness and a glossy finish, perfect for creating your own delectable creations time and time again. 

                  Guided by Bernard, you’ll uncover insider tips and tricks as you learn to temper with common tools found in your home kitchen. 

                  You will create an array of delights, from bars and hot chocolate bombs to chocolate lollipops and hand-molded salted caramel truffles! Mould, fill, and cap these treasures to perfection to complete your handmade masterpieces. 

                  The cherry on top? Take home everything you craft during the course and enjoy the fruits of your labour with friends and family - a delicious reward for your newfound skill of chocolate-making. 

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