Bernard's Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Bernard's Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Read below to find Bernard's Homemade Chocolate Mousse Recipe to make this high-quality dessert at home! 

Easy Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse: 
(Serves: 6-8 People) 
220g Milk Chocolate 46% 
150g Dark Chocolate 70% 
6 Large Eggs
60g Whole Milk 
45g Unsalted Butter 
1. Separate egg whites and yolks 
2. Whip egg whites to firm, stiff peaks 
3. Melt chocolate over double-boiler, or microwave (gradually melt), let melted chocolate cool down a bit so it is not hot. 
4. Add softened butter to melted chocolate 
5. Mix to incorporate well with a whisk 
6. Add egg yolks, whisk to incorporate 
7. Add heated* whole milk, whisk to incorporate 
8. Fold whipped egg white gently into the chocolate mix. (Doing so in several steps, a little at time) 
9. Fill individual serving dish or ramekin with individual portion by scooping with a spoon, or using a piping bag 
10. Allow serving dish or ramekin to sit in the fridge - to allow mixture to firm up
11. Remove chocolate mousse from the fridge at least 20 minutes before serving, to allow it to warm and for the best tasting experience! 
Optional: Top with whipped cream, or fresh fruit. Yum! 
Bernard Callebaut 


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