Hello World!

Hello World!

Welcome! It feels wonderful to be able to acknowledge you all and share with you some of the things you have asked for, such as, behind-the-scenes chocolate-making, recipes, new flavors, ingredient selection and more! At Master Chocolat we love to experiment and create new delicacies, learn all we can about our products and we always listen to what our customers need!

Some History

Master Chocolat (Bernard & Sons) is led by master chocolatier, Bernard Callebaut. With five generations of chocolate expertise behind him, Bernard’s name has become synonymous with world-class quality and taste in chocolate.

For over 38 years, his tireless passion and pioneering spirit has grown his one-man chocolate-making operation to a brand recognized all over. He pours his passion, spirit and mastery into Master Chocolat with every new creation by combining exquisite flavours and using his unique style built over a lifetime of experience.


Our head office and Chocolat Factory store is located at 560 69 Avenue SW, Calgary. Why do we call it the chocolat factory? Because it’s where Bernard makes all of those delicious creations and where you can watch they all take shape! “When we designed the space, we put in a wall of glass so people could be a part of the experience and watch the steps that go into making our chocolates. The kids that come in especially like it”, Bernard notes.

Marda Loop

The newest Marda Loop location is set in the trendy area just off of Crowchild Trail and 33 Avenue SW. It boasts bright lights and boxes of color AND our signature ‘create-your-own gelato bar that you can have dipped in our milk or dark chocolate and decorated with organic toppings and goodies.

Meet us at the Market(s)

Lastly, you can always find us in our booths at The Calgary Farmers Market south and the latest development in the NW, The Calgary Farmers Market West! We LOVE to support other local businesses and our communities and the farmers markets are home to over 70 vendors that make, bake and grow their products in Alberta.

Our Social Network

Now that we’ve joined this space and as we start to ‘blog’ for you, please share with us some of the things you’d like to see. Send us a message through Instagram or Facebook and let us know!

What's in Store for 2023

We are approaching this new year with vigor and excitement. Bernard has a lot of ideas churning in his chocolate pot and once they come to fruition, you’ll be the first to see (and taste) them!

Gratitude and love,


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  • I don’t have a chance to taste The Master’s chocolate often, but every piece stands out in my memory. Glad to have found you again!


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1 comment

  • I don’t have a chance to taste The Master’s chocolate often, but every piece stands out in my memory. Glad to have found you again!