Signature Chocolate Making with Bernard Callebaut!

Introduction to Tempering with Master Chocolatier, Bernard Callebaut

About this experience

Master Chocolat's Signature Chocolate Making Course is a hands-on chocolate experience that is three hours long; where Bernard walks you through the ingredients of chocolate and understanding compositions and how to identify quality chocolate.

Understanding percentages, analyzing cocoa content, and all the fun interesting complexities that goes into this creation. 

You learn all about the science behind chocolate and it’s history for the first hour and then you move to your set up stations to begin the chocolate making! Bernard guides the group as you temper your own bowl of chocolate, and then create your own lollipops, Chocolat Bars and Salted Caramel Truffles. Each person goes home with everything they make, which is over a pound of chocolate, and it’s a super unique and sweet evening! 


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